Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hello, yep, bye!

This happened a few weeks ago but I've only just got round to posting about it.

Immie was up drinking her milk at 7am, waiting to go to nursery. She was playing with our house phone. We have those silly roaming phones, you know the ones that you always lose down the back of the sofa? Anyway, she was playing with the buttons and making them beep, then holding the phone to her ear and saying "Hello, bye" then putting the phone down.

I didn't think too much of it, I just kept checking she hadn't dialled 999. After about 5 mins, she picks the phone up, presses some random buttons and says "Hello, yep, bye". 2 minutes later I get a call from my Grandparents. Wondering why my Grandma and Grandad's number could be flashing up on my phone at 7.10am! (My parents were away, so I started to panic that something had happened!) When I picked up the phone I heard my Grandma on the other end. She asked if she had just had a call from Immie? She then preceded to have a fit of the giggles as I apologised profusely for my daughter making an early morning (She swears blind they were already up and Immie didn't wake them!)

When I relayed the story to Immie's lovely keyworker at nursery, I was asked to write the story up as evidence of Immie using her ICT skills. haha Like mother, like daughter :)

Mama x

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