Tuesday, 27 September 2011

INSET days, Halloween Dress up days and Christmas plays

Today we received the Children's Centre newsletter for Immie's nursery.

On it was a list of dates. Many of these things excited me.

1) INSET days, ok these aren't so exciting, they just cause a childcare nightmare. But I hope the nursery staff at least get a nice lunch! ;)
2) Nursery photographs, the photographer is coming next month, Immie missed her photo last time as she was poorly, I REALLY hope she makes it this time!
3)On the 31st October, they have to dress up for Halloween! haha. Immie has a cat costume that her cousin Daisy donated to her, so I think she can wear that, she'll look supercute!
4) Towards the end of the Christmas term, Immie will be in the Christmas performance (yes even the babies take part!) I wonder what she'll have to do? I hope she conforms and I REALLY hope I can wangle the afternoon off school :)

So many exciting things to look forward to YAY!

Mama x

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