Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A little creature has pulled a clump of Immie's hair out

When I went to pick Immie up from nursery today, her lovely keyworker was filling in the accident book. I assumed Immie had had a bump whilst excitedly toddling about. But no. Today's "accident" was that whilst playing another child pulled a clump of Immie's hair out!!!!

Her lovely keyworker, felt it wasn't a malicious act but that Immie's little blonde curls were just too inviting to the other child! Apparently Immie screamed for a second (as you would!) then turned round and said "No childB!" (Not sure which child did it, assume they won't tell me in case I launched a revenge attack on the parents! LOL)

Her lovely keyworker assured me there was only a tiny bit, but when I got her home, her scalp was a tad red and I'm sure that is a bald patch! Poor little tortoise. This is when the working mummy guilts kick in. At least by the time she starts school she'll be able to kick some ass!

Mama x

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